Become a model.

Take the right steps on the way to the model.
You want to become a model and introduce yourself to our modeling agency and other agencies. You can do a lot right the first time and leave a brilliant first impression. Find out about the real possibilities of earning a living as a model. We have put together all the relevant information for you.

Your type.

Segments with different requirements.

What type of model are you?Fashion?Commercial?Talent?

Commercial Models - Commercial is any booking that is directly related to the production of advertising. In the production of advertising, it is very important to win friendly, authentic and approachable models for a production. Often, commercial models contrast with the appearance of classic models.

Best Ager - This segment has been a growing market for years - you can find older models more often in advertising and the classic fashion segment. From the age of about 40, the industry is considered best-agers. This is followed by about 60 years then the term Senior Model applies. Best-Ager and Senior Models are based on the benchmarks of the fashion and commercial segments. Depending on the type and size, models are suitable for classic catalog shoots or editorials.

Women - For the advertising segment, there are no strict measures to be adhered to. More important is a sympathetic charisma. Furthermore, beautiful teeth, hair, hands and / or feet are considered an important feature for a commercial model.

Age: 20 - 40 years
Size: from 168 cm
Confection: no specifications

Men - The same applies to men as it is to women - a beautiful appearance is decisive.

Age: 20 - 40 years
Size: from 180 cm
Confection: no specifications

Classic Modeling - Fashion is the classic modeling segment that most people associate with the modeling industry. Orders for models mainly result from the presentation of fashion over fashion shoots or fashion shows. Editorial-processed fashion and lifestyle styles, as well as campaigns are also among the common booking areas.
Age: 15 - 25 years
Size: 175 - 180 cm
Confection: 34
Age: 17 - 35 years
Size: 1.85 - 1.90 cm
Confection: 46 - 50 cm
Curvy Women
Age: 17 - 30
Size: 175 - 180 cm
Confection :40 - 46
Curvy Men
Age: 20 - 40 years
Size: 185 - 190 cm
Confection: XL - XXL
Characters and People - describes a segment outside of the classic modeling agencies business and is purely from the booking area out to the Commercial segment. Characters and people are people with an authentic and charismatic charisma. Characters and people are taught through casting agencies and specialized modeling agencies.

There are no restrictions on women or men.

Age: 16 - 99 years

Application images.

Take your time for a few decent job applications.
You do not need professional pictures to apply to a modeling agency. There are a few things you should keep in mind when creating the pictures. First and foremost, the pictures for the agency should give an unadulterated impression of you. If the agency is interested in you, you will usually be invited to a small casting date.

In short. Ask someone who can make the pictures for you in a neutral environment in bright daylight. Just wear your make-up and your hair discreetly. Make at least two portraits. One should show smiles and teeth. Create a picture in half-body (above the knee) and a picture in full body.

Information for the application.

Collect all the data you need for a successful application.
Take 5 minutes to submit your application properly. The decisive information relates to your measurement and clothing data. You can easily find out your exact measurements with a tape measure (tailor tape, body measurement tape). Such a one tape measure costs between one and three euros and can be purchased on the internet or at retail.

Depending on which segment you apply for, your measurements are not necessarily decisive, but it is essential that the information is correct so that the modeling agency can classify you correctly.

Model agencies.

Apply to model agencies that suits you.
First, decide whether you want to model exclusively in Germany or abroad. The German market differs in part strongly from the international environment. Many of the well-known "Top Model Agencies" mostly work with foreign models and place national models internationally. This means a much higher level of stress also in relation to the competition.

If you want to market yourself as a model successfully you have to research which modeling agencies are suitable for your personal goals and your type.

Model FAQ.

We answer your questions.

You are interested in applying to SHOWCAST. For this purpose we collected and answered the most frequently asked questions. Every model agency works differently. So the answers only refer to our modeling agency.

Read now, FAQ.

Become a model

Take the right steps on the way to the model.

There are many ways to model outside the classic norm. We explain the important differences and what you should consider for a successful application.

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Model Wiki.

The important terms of the industry.

Each industry uses its own words to describe specifics. We have collected and defined common terms for you.

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