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SHOWCAST is one of the largest and successful model agencies with a focus on people and model placement in Germany. You are interested in applying as a model at SHOWCAST or at a modeling agency in general. We have collected and answered the questions that arise. If you have further information about applying to SHOWCAST and working with us, we would be happy to hear from you.

Our international model file consisting of classic models, best agers, curvy models and more convince as cast of productions of all stripes. Accompanied by a booking system "Made in Germany" consistently developed by SHOWCAST, we ensure legal certainty and streamlined processes and thus create the necessary freedom for our customers to create.


No, applying to SHOWCAST is completely free. We value reaching talented individuals regardless of financial barriers. We are primarily concerned with your potential and not with fees. So you can apply to us without any financial concerns!

No, the inclusion in our model database is done independently by our team and is completely free of charge for the model. In addition, there are no annual fees for using our agency portal. Our priority is to develop talent, not charge fees.

No, by submitting your application to SHOWCAST you are simply asking to be included in our model database. SHOWCAST will have the discretion to grant this request. A binding collaboration only arises when you expressly agree to an order offered by us.

Yes, as a model at SHOWCAST you can reject any job offer without giving a reason. You usually inform us of your decision to accept or reject an offer via our in-house booking system.

No, there is no set term for working with us. Both you and SHOWCAST can terminate the cooperation at any time and without justification. In this case, all data belonging to you and your profile at SHOWCAST will be deleted immediately. Nevertheless, legal agreements from previous orders remain unaffected and valid.

As soon as we receive payment from the client, we will immediately forward your fee to you. Our models particularly value this reliability compared to other providers.

Models can generally apply to several agencies, as there are no legal regulations in Germany that prohibit this. However, it is crucial to carefully review your contract with your current agency before applying to another agency. Some contracts contain exclusivity clauses that limit a model's ability to work with other agencies at the same time. However, such clauses are subject to specific conditions in order to be effective. In practice, only a few model agencies in Germany can legally enforce this exclusivity. If you are unsure, you should definitely seek professional legal advice.

We greatly appreciate your interest, but due to our ongoing operations, a spontaneous visit without prior appointment is unfortunately not possible.

 Unfortunately, due to the high number of applications, we cannot provide individual feedback.

For newcomers, it is important to have industry-standard images to present to potential clients.

We make our photographer network available to successful applicants. However, you are free to decide whether you want a shoot via this network. If you decide to do this, the model will cover the costs incurred.

Alternatively, we offer free comp card photography in our in-house studio in Cologne. This gives you a cost-effective way to get professional images for your comp card.


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