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When it comes to safety and reliability, Volkswagen sets standards. This is reflected in their latest service campaign, which focuses on brakes and tires. But how do you explain the importance of brakes and tires for every season? With a production that captures the diversity of each season.

The picturesque mountains of Catalonia and the urban streets of Barcelona provided the perfect backdrop. From snow-capped peaks to sun-drenched coastal roads, the locations were as varied as the seasons themselves.

SHOWCAST came into play when it came to finding the right faces for this campaign. As experienced modeling agency, which specializes in models, people, commercial actors and influencers, we knew that commercial models would be a perfect fit. Our advertising actors brought professionalism and authenticity to the photo and video production.

The result is impressive. A car advertisement that highlights not only the quality of Volkswagen, but also the importance of safe driving in all seasons. With Volkswagen and SHOWCAST makes security an art.

Models in this production

Boris 57 | Cologne
Christoph 51 | Hamburg
Mani Sabrina 43 | Munich

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