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In the world of advertising and brand communications, authenticity is key. At Showcast we understand this and specialize in finding the perfect face for every brand message. As the latest example of our work, we are pleased to announce the successful placement of two regional talents for e-regio, the ecological energy provider.

e-regio is characterized by its commitment to local energy production, whereby the green electricity is produced from a maximum radius of 50 km from the consumer's home - that is pure regional energy between the Rhine and Eifel! This strong regional connection was also reflected in our model selection. Our two talents come directly from the heart of this region: Düsseldorf and Bonn.

The combination of e-regio's message of regional, sustainable energy production with our locally based models created a perfect symbiosis. Through their authentic representation, they were able to impressively convey the values ​​and mission of e-regio in the advertising campaign.

Models in this production

Hannah 37 | Dusseldorf

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