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Model job with Helen

The magic of our latest shoot unfolded in a picturesque villa, nestled in the mountains of Malaga and surrounded by brilliant sunshine. This setting could hardly be better. Helene from Paris stood in front of the camera for Triumph, the renowned premium underwear manufacturer. And what makes us particularly proud: our dedicated communications manager was able to be there directly on set.

Triumph isn't just an underwear brand - it's a movement. Standstill? That's not her thing. Since 1886, Triumph has continued its history with dedication, with a diverse workforce and global footprint. The individuality of every woman who wears Triumph products deeply inspires the company. Through a constant, conscious dialogue with them, Triumph creates designs that enrich everyday life.

Triumph's mission is to make every customer's life better through its products. Each collection reflects the bridge between these remarkable women and the brand they proudly wear.

Models in this production

Helene 32 | Paris

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