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Looking for cool guys.
As a casting agency we are always looking for new faces for a wide range of services in the realization of media projects. SHOWCAST is a leading casting agency in Germany and offers the right cast for various productions.
We are looking for people with a special charisma, characters who convey a message. You have a clear picture of your target group and you are looking for edgy models and people who are generating attention. Here we are! Since 2010 we maintain a great casting file with over 45,000 applications. We rely on a Germany-wide network and offer you a unique portfolio with a variety of individual people models, bringing your ideas to life.
Our casting agency is a professional partner in casting actors for film and video productions. Acting talent is also a desired attribute when it comes to the realization of commercial productions. Our fashion file gives us access to acting talent. You're looking for actors with special language skills to produce multi-language content. Again, we help you quickly and easily to find the right cast.
Charismatic and sympathetic people who run an event and can moderate a stage program are crucial to the success of an event. Benefit from industry professionals and host your event with presenters to crown and reward your experience. Presenters provide presentation skills to present your service and products audiovisually. You are looking for Masters of Ceremony? Through our casting agency, we also represent English-speaking moderators.
Our casting agency is flexible and uncomplicated. We comply with your requirements planning may be on short-term. We organize agency-internal and cross-agency-wide Live and Videocastings exactly according to your production requirements.

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You can send us a direct project request via the following form. We create quotes, preselections and option requests free off charge and without obligations. Your data will be used only for the sole purpose of processing the request in direct communication with the requestor.

Not all our models are in the public model file. Use the service of our modeling agency and let us arrange a preselection of models according to your requirements. Only if you decide on one or more of our models, it comes to a binding model booking.