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Production Stable - Our file includes models and performers of different experience levels. We select talents from all booking areas and present them via an up to date and reflected model file.

We are professionals in our industry and work hand in hand with people from production, marketing and the creative industries every day. We take care of contractually refined processes and take all the critical points of a model booking in our responsibility.

Revolutionized - Our business is process-optimized from application to placement. We ported the demands of the industry to the information age. We work with our customers and models with e-castings, dynamic databases and electronic document management. We combine proven with the uses of the latest information technologies.

Best Choice - With us, you found your agency. Trust in competence and fairness. Our pricing policy is based on the reality and actual value of each booking. Fairness towards our customers and models is our action disclaimer. The security of having a solid partner who works legally and financially sound and that understands his craft. Do not let your production become a security risk and work with our modeling agency.

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You can send us a direct project request via the following form. We create quotes, preselections and option requests free off charge and without obligations. Your data will be used only for the sole purpose of processing the request in direct communication with the requestor.

Not all our models are in the public model file. Use the service of our modeling agency and let us arrange a preselection of models according to your requirements. Only if you decide on one or more of our models, it comes to a binding model booking.