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Polaroids, also known as digitals or snapshots in the modeling industry, are simple, unretouched photos that show a model's natural appearance. They are a fundamental part of a Model presentation and are used in the selection process to give customers an authentic image of the model. This is where the name “Polaroids” comes from, because these snapshots are an analog image and cannot easily be falsified. Ideally, Polaroids are created in daylight because daylight has natural color rendering and ensures good lighting. In many modeling agencies, the terrace serves as a backdrop for creating Polaroids. Polaroids can be created by the models themselves or in collaboration with a third person.

When taking Polaroids, the following guidelines should be followed:

  • Natural light: Take photos in daylight, preferably against a simple, light background.
  • No makeup: The model should wear no or very minimal makeup.
  • Simple Clothing: Wear simple clothing like a plain t-shirt and jeans or leggings and avoid black clothing.
  • Variety of poses: Take photos from the front, side and back. Make sure both your face and body are clearly visible.
  • Facial expression: The model should have a natural, relaxed facial expression; smiling portraits are desired.
  • Hair Styling: Hair should be styled simply and naturally, either open or in a simple style that does not obscure the face.
  • Quality of photos: Make sure photos are sharp and clear, without filters or editing.
First picture Polaroid portrait
Second picture Polaroid medium shot
Third picture Polaroid long shot

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