Important details of a model request.

An inquiry is made to the model agency by a potential customer. A request can be formulated very generally or specifically. In any case, the customer signals his interest in the services of the model agency or in its model index. The request usually differed in a specific booking interest in one or more models or in a casting call in which the customer asks the agency for potential candidates to fill a role.

Direct request

Direct request (direct booking) is the request of a customer to book the respective model for a job via the model agency. The agency discusses all the important contractual details of the booking with the customer and ensures that the request to the model is serious and to their benefit. After the framework conditions have been determined, the model receives the request as an offer (option). If the model is accepted, the customer books the model as part of the optioned offer.

general request

general request (casting call) is the customer's request to the agency to present all suitable candidates for a job in its file. The customer describes his booking request as precisely as possible so that the model agency's booker can make the selection.

The customer receives the overview and decides on a smaller pre-selection (short list) and asks the agency, as with the direct inquiry, to clarify the availability and the framework conditions with the models. The customer receives his booking options based on the given commitments and finally decides on a model. In this case, the booked model will receive a booking confirmation and the models not booked will receive a confirmation to resolve the given option.