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In our latest campaign for Aiways, the visionary electric car manufacturer, we present a moment of modern urbanity through the successful cast: Melissa and Kazim, our commercial models, embody the young, dynamic couple after a lively shopping trip. On an urban parking deck, surrounded by the skyline, the focus is not only on the couple, but also on the elegant Aiways U5.

Melissa, a radiant beauty from Bonn in her mid-20s, embodies the urban lifestyle with her charisma. At her side is Kazim, in his early 30s from Cologne, known not only as a DJ, but also for his passion for dance, especially breakdance. Together they bring a lively, authentic atmosphere to photo production.

This campaign shows how the models of our Model agency the values ​​and spirit of Aiways embody: dynamism, modernity and a touch of luxury. With this use of commercial models in car advertising, we offer a fresh look at modern life and how it is enriched by sustainable mobility.

Models in this production

kazim 35 | Cologne
Melissa 25 | Bonn

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