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In XNUMX, when Model agency in Germany we are active and present nationwide. Especially when it comes to acting quickly and reliably, we recommend ourselves as a partner agency for Model bookings from the German metropolises. We work with a wide variety of established companies Models together and have the opportunity to submit specific booking options throughout Germany.

Your model agency in Germany [BERLIN]

Germany's capital is considered hip, international, wild and modern. Berlin is an increasingly popular travel destination worldwide, a city ​​steeped in history and place for countless events. Whether concerts, exhibitions, sporting events, theater or shows, you are spoiled for choice every day. In addition to the typical sights such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Victory Column or the television tower, there are some places worth seeing away from the tourist crowds. The city on the Spree shows all its charm at a flea market in the Mauerpark or above the roofs of Berlin in the Klunkerkranich ... [MODEL AGENCY BERLIN]

Your model agency in Germany [HAMBURG]

Hamburg my pearl! The Hanseatic city is known for its harbor, the Reeperbahn and the fish market. Above all, the port with the huge container and cruise ships, the St. Pauli Landungsbrücken and the historic warehouse district make the megacity in Germany unique. On the Hamburg fish market you should have eaten a fresh fish sandwich at least once. In the hip Schanzenviertel there are all kinds of individual bars, pubs and cafes ... [MODEL AGENCY HAMBURG]

Your model agency in Germany [MUNICH]

The city in the heart of Bavaria united Tradition and modernity like no other major German city. Munich is Oktoberfest, home of FC Bayern and media location - but much more. As the Bavarian capital, Munich is one of the most important cultural and economic centers in Germany. The Marienplatz with the new and old town hall is the heart of the city and known for public events such as the championship celebration of FC Bayern or the Christmas market. Away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, you can relax in English garden Relax wonderfully, ride a bike or enjoy a cold beer in the beer garden. In the middle of the city you can watch surfers on the Eisbach. Munich also has a lot to offer in culinary terms. In addition to traditional dishes such as pork knuckle in the Hofbräuhaus, the Viktualienmarkt offers everything for gourmets. In terms of culture, Munich offers a wide range of museums, theaters and opera ... [MODEL AGENCY MUNICH]

Your model agency in Germany [COLOGNE]

The City of millions on the Rhine is not only a carnival stronghold - it has international significance as an economic and cultural metropolis and is the seat of many media companies. The media group RTL and the WDR have their point of view in Cologne. The center of the city is Cologne Cathedral, which means much more to the city's residents than just a landmark. Cologne also offers an urban way of life in many ways - the trends from the international metropolises can be found here ... [MODEL AGENCY COLOGNE]

Your model agency in Germany [DÜSSELDORF]

Fashion on the Kö, "the longest bar in the world" in the old town and cozy promenades on the Rhine - that is Düsseldorf. Also Culture, art and modern architecture are in Düsseldorf to find. In the Medienhafen in particular, important architects were able to realize their projects. In addition, Düsseldorf is home to several thousand Japanese. In the vicinity of the main train station there are countless Japanese restaurants, supermarkets and other Asian shops around the luxury hotel Nikko in “Little Tokyo”. And carnival is celebrated extensively in Düsseldorf every year at the hot time ... [MODEL AGENCY DÜSSELDORF]

Your model agency in Germany [FRANKFURT]

Frankfurt is that Germany's banking metropolis. Skyscrapers, the stock exchange and Frankfurt Airport make up the city on the Main. It is often overshadowed by creative Berlin or chic Munich, but Frankfurt - also known as “Mainhatten” - has a lot to offer. The city is very international and modern. The Bahnhofviertel has a wicked reputation, but it also offers restaurants from all over the world, a hip bar scene and chic shops. The banks of the Main invite you to relax and offer a unique view of the Frankfurt skyline. The old town is an impressive contrast to the financial district and is home to it Birthplace of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ... [MODEL AGENCY FRANKFURT]

Your model agency in Germany [STUTTGART]

Stuttgart is the capital of the Swabians, but it breaks with all the clichés that attach to the Swabians. Because Stuttgart is by no means boring or uptight. If Culture, shopping or restaurants, Baden-Württemberg's capital has a lot to offer. The inner city is one of the most important cultural centers in Germany. There is a lot to marvel at architecturally, such as the New Castle or the collegiate church. Culinary can be in Stuttgart original Swabian delicacies enjoy like Spätzle or Maultaschen, but also a variety of international restaurants offer something for every taste. The Kesselstadt is also an important one Business location, especially in the automotive industry ... [MODEL AGENCY STUTTGART]

Your model agency in Germany [HANNOVER]

If you think of lifestyle metropolises in Germany, you quickly come to Berlin, Munich, Cologne or Hamburg. Hanover usually falls by the wayside. For many, Hanover is just a transit point, trade fair city and epicenter of High German, but the capital of Lower Saxony offers just as many interesting sights and events. The Herrenhausen Gardens, the opera, the 12th century old town and the adventure zoo are just a few of the places worth seeing. And don't forget the new town hall. It is not only a symbol of the city, but also one of the most popular photo opportunities for visitors and tourists ... [MODEL AGENCY HANNOVER]

In XNUMX, when Model agency and people agency we use our nationwide network to provide suitable models to our clients from all over Germany Model castings to introduce. Our extensive Model file provides access to female and male models as well as Best Agers and Senior Models. We offer interested models the opportunity to become a model and thus to enter the industry. About our Model agency do you have the chance as Sport models and fitness models or as Fashion model and advertising model to present.

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