Being a model agency in Germany, we target the country as whole. Especially when it comes to fast and work performance we recommend us as your partner agency for model bookings from the German metropolises. We cooperate with a large number of established models and have the possibility to submit specific booking options throughout Germany.

Modeling Agency Berlin

Germany's capital is considered hip, international, wild and modern. Berlin is a popular tourist destination worldwide, a historic city and location for countless events. Whether concerts, exhibitions, sporting events, theaters or shows, every day you have to be spoiled for choice. In addition to the typical attractions such as the Brandenburg Gate, Siegessäule or the television tower, there are some places worth seeing off the beaten track . On a flea market in the Mauerpark or above the rooftops of Berlin in the Klunkerkranich, the city on the River Spree shows all its charm.

Not only in Germany, but also internationally, Berlin is particularly known for its life style. Fashion is very important here. Berlin offers creative and fashion crazy the opportunity to go out in the fashion world. Not only models but also fashion bloggers and all fashion enthusiasts feel at home here. For designers, especially for newcomers in the industry, Berlin is a significant city, not least because of the various events and fashion fairs during Fashion Week Berlin. A fashion icon from Berlin is the top designer Wolfgang Joop. As a German and international fashion designer, he founded JOOP, the fashion company named after him. In addition to Karl Lagerfeld and Jil Sander, he is regarded as the most successful German fashion maker. Joop was born in 1944 in Potsdam near Berlin. He was also seen for two seasons as a juror alongside Heidi Klum and Thomas Hayo in the casting TV series "Germany's Next Topmodel".

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Modeling Agency Hamburg

Hamburg my pearl! The Hansestadt is known for its harbor, the Reeperbahn and the fish market. Above all, the harbor with its huge container and cruise ships, the St. Pauli Landungsbrücken and the historic Speicherstadt make the million-town in Germany unique. At the Hamburger Fischmarkt you should have at least once a fresh fish sandwich. In the hip Schanzenviertel you will find all sorts of individual bars, pubs and cafes. The alternative district is a popular place for celebrating and going out and less touristy than St. Pauli and the Reeperbahn. The world famous Red Light District attracts over 150,000 people every weekend. On the green bank of the Alster you can relax with a walk. The Alster Lake in the middle of the city is also ideal for sailing, paddling or relaxing. In addition, Hamburg is one of the most important media sites besides Berlin, Munich and Cologne. Germany's most famous agencies and publishers are located in the Hansestadt.

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Modeling Agency Munich

The city in the heart of Bavaria combines tradition and modernity like no other German city. Munich is Oktoberfest, home of FC Bayern and media center - but much more. As the Bavarian state capital, Munich is one of the most important cultural and economic centers in Germany. The Marienplatz with the New and Old Town Hall is the heart of the city and is known for public events such as the championship of FC Bayern and the Christkindlmarkt at Christmas time. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can relax in the English Garden, ride a bike or enjoy a cool beer in the beer garden. In the middle of the city you can see the Eisbach surfer. Munich also has a lot to offer culinary. In addition to traditional dishes such as the Schweinshaxe in the Hofbräuhaus, the Viktualienmarkt offers everything for gourmets. Munich offers a wide range of museums, theaters and opera.

The city on the Isar has a unique flair. Munich is well-known for the fashion scene and is location of numerous fashion and lifestyle magazine publishers. For Munich, fashion has much more to offer than Dirndl and Lederhosen. The fashion fairs and fashion schools are very well attended and well-known beyond the borders of the city. Fashion and luxury play a special role in Bavaria's capital. On the Maximilianstraße, the rich and beautiful of the city stroll. Here is a jeweler and fashion store on the other. In addition to Berlin, Hamburg and Düsseldorf, Munich is among the "Big Four of the most influential fashion cities in Germany."

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Modeling Agency Cologne

The city on the Rhine is not only a carnival center, it has international significance as an economic and cultural metropolis and is the seat of many media companies. The media group RTL and the WDR are located in Cologne. The center of the city is the Cologne Cathedral, which is much more than just a landmark for the city dwellers. In addition, Cologne offers an urban way of life in many ways - here the trends from the international metropolises can be found. In the creative districts, there is so much to discover and experience - fashion and design, nightlife and events. At various exhibitions, fashion and design events, festivals, concerts and parties you can learn about Cologne's way of life. In one of the many cozy breweries on the Rhine you can enjoy a cooled Kölsch and the innumerable places in the multicultural city offer food from almost all nations. Fashion and style can also be found in Cologne. In the fashionable Belgisches Viertel, a boutique joins the other and also on the Ehrenstraße are some hip shops away from the crowded shopping streets. Regional:
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Modeling Agency Dusseldorf

Fashion on the Kö, "the longest bar in the world" in the old town and cozy promenades on the Rhine - that is Dusseldorf in Germany. Culture, art and modern architecture are also to be found in Dusseldorf . Especially in the media port, important architects were able to realize their projects. In addition, Dusseldorf is home to several thousand Japanese. In the vicinity of the central station around the Luxushotel Nikko in "Little Tokyo" there countless Japanese restaurants, supermarkets and other Asian shops. And every year s carnival in Dusseldorf, its goofy time.

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Modeling Agency Frankfurt

Frankfurt is the banking metropolis of Germany. The skyscraper, the stock market and the Frankfurt airport stand out in the city on the Main. Often seen in the shadow of creative Berlin or the chic Munich, but Frankfurt - also called "Mainhatten" - has something to offer. The city is very international and modern. The station district has a wicked reputation, but also offers restaurants from all over the world, a hip bar scene and chic shops. The Mainufer invites you to relax and offers a unique view of the Frankfurt skyline. The old town represents an impressive contrast to the banking district and houses the birthplace of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Although Frankfurt is subject to financial services, there are still some interesting project opportunities in the media sector. Due to the stock market, the banks and the airport, Frankfurt has some very strong business drivers, which is why Frankfurt is one of the richest cities in Germany. Money and luxury often appear to be complementary, which is why in Frankfurt at least some entertainment services such as gastronomy and shopping are the top standards. Models and fashion enthusiasts like to look around in the boutiques and fashion houses in Frankfurt, which are numerous and complex.

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Modeling Agency Stuttgart

Stuttgart is the capital of the Swabia, but it breaks with all stereotypes that cling to the Swabian. Stuttgart is by no means boring or jammed. Whether culture, shopping or restaurants, Baden-Württemberg's capital has a lot to offer. The inner city is one of the most important cultural centers in Germany. Here you can admire some of the architectural wonders, such as the New Palace or the Stiftskirche. You can enjoy culinary delights in Stuttgart original Swabian delicacies like Spätzle or Maultaschen, but also a multitude of international restaurants offer something for every taste. Kesselstadt is also a major business location, especially in the automotive sector. With Porsche and Mercedes-Benz, two of Germany's largest companies are based in Stuttgart. The two adjacent museums attract thousands of visitors every year. Tradition is also being raised in the city on the Neckar. Twice a year, the Stuttgarter throws in Dirndl and Lederhosen and celebrates on the Cannstatter Wasen. In addition to the Oktoberfest in Munich, the Cannstatter Volksfest and the Spring Festival are among Germany's biggest national festivals. Stuttgart has much more to offer than traditional fashion. In addition to the popular shopping boulevard Königstrasse, there are a few designer boutiques. In the district Bohnenviertel there are numerous antique shops, fashion shops and galleries as well as cafes, restaurants or wine taverns.

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Modeling Agency Hannover

If you think of lifestyle metropolises in Germany, you can quickly reach Berlin, Munich, Cologne or Hamburg. Hannover is mostly on the track. For many, Hanover is just a transit city, a metropolis and an epicenter of the High German language, but the capital of Lower Saxony offers as many interesting sights and events. The mansion gardens, the opera house, the old town from the 12th century and the zoo are just some places worth seeing. And do not forget the new town hall. It is not only a landmark of the city, but also one of the most popular photomotive of visitors and tourists. The city is modern and the ideal place for stylish and trendy people. Every year, in October, the lifestyle trade fair "Lifestyle Hannover" - Germany's largest experience and shopping fair - invites you to shop and enjoy. Exhibitors from various sectors present the latest trends in fashion and culinary art. The 78-hectare Maschsee invites you to relax. It is a popular destination for families, students or athletes. Europe's largest city garden can also be found in Hanover. It is the ideal place for a long walk or a bike ride. Also hip cafés and restaurants can be found in Hanover and the district of Linden is the scene quarter of Hanover.

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