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Are you looking for extraordinary silver models who will enrich your projects with their unique charisma and life experience? Our agency specializes in finding exactly such talent. We understand the special impact that Silver Models can have in photography, advertising, TV and film productions, PR, events, design and in magazines.

Alex 54 | Cologne
Nicole 54 | Frankfurt
Gerald 65 | Mainz
Francesco 52 | Munich
Suzanne Hanka 55 | Kiel
Silvina 56 | London
Alexander 57 | Frankfurt
Mike 60 | Chemnitz
Sylvio 69 | Karlsruhe
Bettina 63 | Stuttgart
Dario 55 | Mannheim
Dorothy 60 | Frankfurt
Regina 64 | Bonn
Thomas 57 | Herne
Karin 57 | Hamburg
Catherine 71 | Bruges
Corry Marijke 64 | Kiel
Karl-Heinz 63 | Stuttgart
Marina 58 | Cologne
Dieter 67 | Cologne
Kerstin 60 | Stuttgart
Alexander 68 | Hamburg
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Use our free service and benefit from a carefully compiled pre-selection of models, actors and influencers that exactly meets your requirements - without any obligations. Your talent booking will only become binding once you have decided on one or more of our talents. We give you the space to make the ideal choice for your project and look forward to supporting you.

  • Individually tailored offer creation
  • Project-related pre-selection and cast lists
  • Non-binding option inquiries
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Do you have any questions? No problem! Our booking team in Cologne will be happy to answer you quickly and reliably. Find out more and find out more about our projects and services or get advice. Whether you would like to get in touch or make a project inquiry – we look forward to hearing from you!

Our Silver Models are more than just faces; They are ambassadors for style, elegance and life experience. Perfect for photo and video shoots, e-commerce, influencer marketing, editorials, shows, showrooms, advertising productions and TV spots, they showcase your creations in a contemporary and impressive way. Through targeted castings throughout Germany and an extensive network, we offer you a tailor-made overall solution for the occupation and casting of your projects. Our Silver Models represent diversity and authenticity that leave a lasting impression in every production. Trust our expertise and commitment to find the ideal silver models for your projects. We are your first choice when it comes to the diverse possible uses of Best Ager Models in the media and advertising industry. Be inspired by the versatility and charm of our Silver Models and use their potential to take your projects to a new level.

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