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We have been working since 2010 to move the services of a model agency into the new age. We have been copied many times and continue to set standards in many areas of our industry. Regardless of whether it is fashion, advertising production, expressive videos or high-quality live events – we will find the perfect cast for your project with the right models and actors.

Are you looking for a reliable partner in the model agency jungle who not only excels with an extensive, qualitative and regionalized model file, but also works flexibly and efficiently? Our model booking supports you in realizing your campaign concepts - without frills. We are process and workflow experts and work with passion in our own way. In our model agency, we bundle business know-how with a good feeling for hip trends and professional art-buying. Welcome to the home for models, actors and influencers.


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Production Stable

Our file includes models, actors and influencers of different experience levels. We select talents from all booking areas and present them via an up to date and reflected model file. We are professionals in our industry and work hand in hand with people from production, marketing and the creative industries every day. We take care of a contractually sound processing and take responsibility for all critical points of a model booking.


Our application process is process-optimized from application to placement. We have ported the requirements of the industry into the information age. We work with our clients and models via e-castings, dynamic databases and electronic document management. We combine the tried and tested with the possibilities of using the latest information technologies.

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You've found your model agency. You can trust our competence and fairness. Our pricing policy is based on the reality and the actual usefulness of each booking. Fairness towards our clients and models is our guideline for action. The security of having a solid partner who works legally correctly and understands his trade financially. Don't let your production become a safety risk and work with our model agency.

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In the interests of simple coordination and to control our activities, we organized our model booking in our office in Cologne.

SHOWCAST Limited & Co. KG
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D-50667 Cologne, Germany

Tel.: +49 221 44906700

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You can send us a project request using the form below. We create offers, pre-selections and option requests free of charge and without obligation. Your data will be used by us in strict confidence and exclusively for processing the request in direct communication with the person submitting the request.

Not all of our models are in the public file. Use the service of our model agency and let us compile a pre-selection of models according to your requirements. Only if you choose one or more of our models will there be a binding model booking.