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SHOWCAST models in a Bitburger advertising campaign present a product at a garden party.

Saarland is diverse and lively. It was exactly this atmosphere that Bitburger wanted to capture. The aim was to promote a competition. The highlight: a big neighborhood festival.

But how do you capture such a feeling in photos? This is where our agency, SHOWCAST, came into play. As specialists for models, people, advertising actors and influencers, we found the perfect fit. We booked for this beer advert People models. Your job: Fill the extra job as a model and show authenticity.

The photo production was a success. Our models conveyed the real Saarland feeling. It was as if you could taste the cool Bitburger beer just by looking at the pictures.

Bitburger has a tradition. The Saarland has charm. And SHOWCAST? We bring both together. Authentic, professional and genuine.

Models in this production

Nicola 24 | Mainz
Niklas 34 | Cologne
Philip 35 | Cologne
Ariyana 36 | Frankfurt
Larissa 31 | Cologne
Pascal 35 | Wiesbaden

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