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As a 360-degree modeling agency, we value the uniqueness and expressiveness of tattoo models and characters who impress with their individuality and artistic tattoos. With our integrated approach, we combine the diversity and charisma of these models and enable a target group-specific approach that perfectly meets the needs and wishes of our customers. Our customers are brands, companies and advertising agencies looking for authentic and expressive personalities to present their products and messages in a unique and captivating way. Thanks to our dedicated castings and extensive network, we offer tailored solutions for staffing and casting projects involving tattoo models and characters. We are proud to represent the diversity and individuality of these models and to offer our customers high quality and inspiring talent who impress with their unique tattoos and charisma.

Hanna 33 | Cologne
Alex 54 | Cologne
Sarah 28 | Nuremberg
Yuki 27 | Berlin
Lisa 33 | Hamburg
Claudio 41 | Cologne
Manuel Leunis 44 | Muenster
Michael 32 | Cologne
Mina 30 | Cologne
Carlo 37 | Mannheim
Niklas 27 | Mainz
Christian 38 | Hamburg
Nicolai 30 | Cologne
Miles 30 | Amsterdam
Brigade 33 | Dusseldorf
Rakesh 48 | Rotterdam
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Regardless of whether it is a commercial objective or to expand your portfolio, we are your agency in this matter and offer you free and non-binding services from pre-selection to obtaining binding booking options.

  • Individually tailored offer creation
  • Project-related pre-selections and castings
  • Non-binding option inquiries
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Do you have any questions? No problem! Our booking team in Cologne will be happy to answer you quickly and reliably. Find out more and find out more about our projects and services or get advice. Whether you would like to get in touch or make a project inquiry – we look forward to hearing from you!

Discover the fascination of working with our professional model agency for tattoo models. You can find it here female models and Men models for your innovative image ideas and the development of product and brand communication. Give your brand a distinctive character with our tattoo models: reliable, collaborative and unique. We support you in finding the perfect person for your projects from a wide range of tattoo models. Our Model agencies offers access to one of the most diverse tattoo model pools. We are always looking for new tattoo models to effectively market your products and services. Next to Plus size models we also offer one People agency and especially tattoo models. This supports us in the search for suitable tattoo models Tattoo studio in Cologne - FineArt. Our model database offers ideal casting opportunities in various niches: From Part models and Petite modeling agency to Curvy modeling agency and Plus size models. We offer our services to the young, sports-loving target group Sports modeling agency at. Our Fair models are available as a reliable resource for high-quality events. We provide you with comprehensive and competent advice on a target group-specific selection of tattoo models and support you in all phases of your campaign. Our Senior model agency enable tailor-made and powerful communication.

We impress with intelligent workflow management and a deep understanding of your target groups. Our mission is to draw the maximum creativity and diversity from our tattoo model pool. We continually scout for new talent throughout Germany, whether as Model agency for Bielefeld, Model agency for Mainz or Model agency for Frankfurt. Our goal is to combine the best from all areas for your perfect tattoo model booking.

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