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Conversion is a central term in online marketing and refers to the moment when a visitor to a website takes a desired action. The visitor is therefore converted/converted into a customer or user. The ratio of visits to conversion is called the conversion rate. In performance marketing (where companies invest money for reach), the conversion rate is an absolute performance indicator, also called a “Key Performance Indicator (KPI)”. When marketing the service of a modeling agency, conversion is of less importance, but as a content creator or influencer you should familiarize yourself with the concept of conversion in order to understand the goals of a booked campaign, especially if the goal is a conversion.

A typical example:

A model presents as part of a Consumer Videos a pair of shoes. The video refers at various points to an affiliate link that allows the visitor to purchase the shoes. In the event of a purchase, the model receives a percentage of the shoe sales.

Number of visitors who watched the video: 1000
Number of visitors who subsequently bought the shoes (conversion): 10
The ratio of buyers to the number of visitors (conversion rate): 10/1000 corresponds to 1%

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