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As part of a model booking there is a Briefing for modelsto prepare for a modeling job, and a Briefing for the modeling agencyin order to introduce models, actors and talents to the customer or caster in a targeted manner for a production. The briefing can be a supplementary part of a model booking, in that further details are communicated to the model after the booking. This is primarily information about clothing and styling. The briefing can also contain further information on the organizational process, similar to Call sheet, such as contact persons or the location of the production or simply preparing the model for the production.

An example model briefing:

Theme or style of production: (e.g. formal evening wear, summer wear, etc.)
Location and setting: (e.g. urban, beach, studio, historic building etc.)
Special requirements for the models: (e.g. certain hair color, unique look, etc.)
Clothing, props or accessories: (e.g. hats, jewelry, special shoes, etc.)
Color scheme or mood: (e.g. vibrant and colorful, monochrome, dark and mysterious etc.)
makeup: (e.g. natural look, evening make-up etc.)

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