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Brand Ambassadors, in German “brand ambassadors”, play a crucial role in today's marketing and social media landscape. They are not only the face of a brand, but also its mouthpiece, building authentic, trustworthy and personal connections with target groups. These representatives can include both internal employees and external influencers (see also Influencer Marketing), each bringing unique perspectives and reach. Models who are also active in content creation can be an interesting addition to the marketing mix for advertisers.

One of the most famous brand ambassador stories is that of Michael Jordan, to whom the Nike Group ultimately even dedicated its own product line. The company's cooperation with the sports superstar was a highly economically lucrative venture for both parties. On a smaller scale, start-ups and medium-sized companies can also develop successful marketing by building a “face of the brand” and individual content. Consider the importance of social media content and addressing customers via appropriate channels.

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