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Understanding licenses is crucial in the world of photo and video production and modeling bookings. While licenses in media production often regulate the usage rights of images and videos, licenses in model bookings usually relate to the use of the image or representation of the model.

Licenses in photo and video productions
In photo and video production, licenses refer to permission to use the material produced. The photographer/videographer is the author and therefore has rights to his created works. The license is the granting of usage rights and defines how, where and for how long the material may be used, in particular aspects such as commercial use, geographical restrictions and digital rights. They are essential to avoid copyright infringement.

Licenses for model bookings
For model bookings, the license refers to the use of the model's image. This often includes agreements regarding the duration of use, the type of media in which the image may appear, and geographical restrictions. These licenses are important to protect the model's rights and are usually obtained via the Buyout regulated.

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