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E-Casting, or electronic casting, is basically an extended application of a model for a specific requested job and is the currently common process of model selection, especially for advertising jobs. It enables advertising companies to screen and select talent online efficiently and effectively. As a rule, the e-castings are videos produced by the model or the advertising actor themselves, but can also be understood as a process of role selection as part of the placement work of a modeling agency. In the case of E-castings in the form of videos usually include a short introduction and a scene-relevant performance, which are intended to represent some keyframes from the production. In addition to the self-produced e-castings, modeling agencies or casting agencies are also commissioned to create casting tapes. These are then made available to the customer via file hosts or e-boards in a previously discussed format.

Example scene descriptionas it could be produced by a casting agency:

Our protagonist, a young woman with radiant, healthy skin, begins her day in her stylishly decorated bathroom. While she's getting ready in front of the mirror, she receives a message on her smartphone. She reads the message and a broad smile plays on her lips.

Keyframe: Hand movement, smile.

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