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TFP shoots, short for "Time for Print", are a common practice in the photography and modeling industry in which photographers and models agree to work together without financial compensation. Instead, the models receive professional photos for their portfolio, and the photographer can expand his or her own portfolio and implement creative ideas. In principle, further commercial use of the images or videos created during a TFP shoot is excluded.

TFP shoots offer several advantages:

  1. Portfolio building: Both models and photographers can expand their portfolio with professional photos.
  2. Creative exchange: TFP shootings offer the opportunity to test out creative ideas and test out new techniques.
  3. Networking: Such shoots allow you to build contacts and can lead to future paid orders.

As with all productions, a TFP shoot should be well organized and planned. The process should be discussed in advance, as well as what type and style of images should be produced. The agreements in the TFP shoot should be recorded in a corresponding model release. This gives the model and the photographer legal security to continue using the resulting images.

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